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Beautiful Braids & Twists for Everyone

Are you looking for an exciting new hairstyle that will elicit positive comments from those around you? Visit Simina African Hair Braiding to make a bold and beautiful change for your look. Our hair specialists are trained and talented to apply a variety of braids, dreadlocks, twists, and hair weaves. Men and children are always welcome for styling.


Micro Braid
A very small braid usually using human hair. Synthetic hair is available as an option.

Single Braid
Usually a long braid, but we can accommodate any size.

Box Braid
A big jumbo braid that can be done long or short.

Tree Braid
Similar to a micro braid, it resembles short cornrows.

Invisible Braid
A very small braid.

Individual Braid
Another term for a single braid.

Braids hugging the scalp.

Ghana Braid
A skinny braid that hugs your scalp and gets larger as it goes down.

Bob Braid
A short braid where we burn the ends.


Various Weave styles

Lace Front
A weave that makes your edges look natural growing out of your hair.

Sewing Weave
We braid the hair as small cornrows and sew the weave into those cornrows.

Afro Weave
We use afro hair and sew the weave into that hairstyle.


Curly Crochet
We braid your hair as cornrows and crochet into those cornrows.

Twist Crochet
We braid your hair as cornrows and crochet hair that's already twisted into those.

Braid Crochet
We braid your hair and then crochet in more braids.

Different Crochet Styles


We take the comb and gel and dread your hair.

We fix the roots of your dreadlocks. We fix new growths to lock in with the crochet.


Cute Twist Styles

Senegalese Twist
We twist extra hair into your own hair.

Micro Twist
We create small twists into your hair.

Kinky Twist
We take kinky rough hair and twist it to resemble natural hair. This twist lasts a long time.

Havanna Twist
A jumbo kinky twist.